Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to Cope When Your Son Throws Like A Girl

218:  Give new meaning to old sexist terms.

Last night, it was one of those picturesque last-week-of-summer-vacation evenings and we were enjoying dinner on the back deck amidst blissful 78 degree sunshine.  I remember breathing it all in and thinking to myself at that moment:  these are the good old days.  My six-year old was busy stuffing his cute little cheeks with his favorite snack - a simple cheddar cheese tortilla roll-up, when the last piece of his roll-up fell onto the deck floor.  Disappointed, he looked up at me to find a mischievous twinkle in my eye.  "See how far you can throw it!" I challenged him. Quickly getting over the loss of his final bite, my son picked up the tortilla roll and threw it halfway across the yard.  I was impressed and excitedly exclaimed, "You throw like a girl!"  He looked at me curiously, "I do?"   So I replied,  "Yes, you do!  You were awesome.  See how far that went?  You throw just like your cousin, Abby!"  His 13 year-old cousin has been an avid softball player for years and on occasion, my son has attended a few games to watch her play.  My son, looked up at me, beaming with pride, "I do.  I throw just like Abby." 


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