Thursday, August 29, 2013

6 Surprisingly Common Words Banned From This Household

Act #241:  Check your sexist language.

1.  Hot
I almost died the other day when my 6-year old son described some girl on Nickelodeon as "hot".  Suggested response:  You know dear, the word hot is used to describe temperature like how it feels outside or how your food feels when you first sit down to eat it.  What exactly do you like about the way this girl looks?  Is her hair shiny?  Is that a colorful dress she's wearing?

2.  Sexy
I blame LMFAO for this.  He heard their hit song once at a wedding two years ago and till this day, every once in a while I'll walk in to him singing "I'm sexy and I know it".
Suggested response:  "Sexy" is a grown-up word dear.  It's not appropriate for you to use it.

3.   Policeman
I also correct him every time he refers to particular careers in gender-specific terms like using "he" for doctors, or "she" for nurses.
Suggested response:  Police officer.

4.  Pink
9 times out of 10, if we come across a pink article of clothing at a store, he'll ask me, "Mom, don't you like this?"
Suggested response:  Actually, I don't really like this one, but maybe they have it in another color like red or yellow?

5.  Calories
Damn those 100-calorie pack cookies that I sometimes buy to expedite the lunch-packing experience, there was a time period when he wanted to know exactly how many calories were in every food item he put in his mouth.
Suggested response:  You can have cookies every once in a while, as long as you also eat your fruits and vegetables and make sure you have plenty of time to play outside.

6.  Pretty
Sometimes when he's working it, trying to get his way, he'll say (only to me and not his father), "Mama, you're so pretty.  Can I have another cookie?"
Suggested response:  No.  (I figured the simplest way to demonstrate that flattery, especially the sexist kind - is not going to get him very far.)

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