Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twenty Things I Didn't Have the Guts To Do A Year Ago

Act #233:  You are stronger than you think.  Go ahead, be the change.

A year ago, I stood up to convention and finally learned to believe in my own power.  I quit my job, found my calling, found my voice, found courage to see the world beyond what it could do for me.  And after 40 years of living, without even realizing it or expecting it, I grew up.  And I grew into the person I was always meant to be.  Think you're not strong enough, not smart enough, not brave enough?  Think again.  Exactly one year ago, I had never done any of these things.

1.  Speak to entire communities about things that actually matter to me.  And they listened!

2.  Say no.

3.  Empower someone else.

4.  Nominate the president of the United States as the Democratic party candidate.

5.  Believe that I might have a completely original thought....and that it might actually be worthwhile.

6.  Publish an op-ed.

7.  Call a total stranger to ask them out for coffee.

8.  Dare to dream without limits.

9.  Redefine beauty for myself (shed heels, embrace glasses, pierce nose).

10.  Accept it when someone doesn't like me.

11.  Disagree with a president, a police officer, a boss, an attorney, and others in perceived positions of power.  Realize my own power.

12.  Walk away from toxicity.

13.  Lead a meeting wearing jeans and sneakers.

14.  Ask for help.

15.  Run a virus scan on a computer.

16.  Manage a $1.1 million dollar budget.

17.  Drive without the radio on.

18.  Hold someone accountable for underperforming.

19.  Write a blog halfway interesting enough to attract a thousand readers a day.

20.  Above all, be true to myself.

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