Monday, August 26, 2013

Parents: 4 Reasons It May Be Your Fault Hannah Montana Began Twerking

Act #238:  Try mindful parenting.

1.  You don't listen to "real" music in the presence of your kids, and you've never instilled true music appreciation in your children.  So when they watch award shows, they are not looking for quality, memorable musical talent (they have no clue what that even is), but rather, a "performance" shocking enough to tweet about instantaneously to their friends.

2.    You don't nurture a true rebellious spirit.  You don't challenge your kids to think beyond established boundaries, so they grow up defining courage and bravery as dancing around with life-size teddy bars and pointing foam fingers at one's vagina, rather than questioning concepts like freedom, justice, and oppression.

3.  You don't teach your daughters to celebrate their body.  OK, so one might say that last night's VMA performance was the ultimate celebration of female sexuality.  What's more liberating than dancing around in your underwear on stage, grabbing your crotch, with your tongue hanging out of your mouth?  How about nurturing it, caring for it, filling it with wholesome nutrition and activity, and then ultimately accepting it?  If you invested in your body that much, maybe you'd grow up believing that it was indeed too good to be dry-humping creepy teddy bears on national television?  Just a thought.  

4.  You keep telling your kid she/he is a superstar.  Newsflash:  So is every other kid in America.  You make them the center of attention, post countless videos of them on Facebook, when in reality, every other kid in America can sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star just as well.  When poor little Hannah Montana came to this realization, she probably panicked, clung desperately to that need to be she shaved her head and got herself just a few tattoos.



  1. You are so right on all four counts.

    It appears that Miley is a spoiled brat, but I can't help but feel sorry for her.

  2. Have folks seen this article? It wasn't my favorite writing but raises some good points. (Also, nice to see another 1.3% piece of Kentucky's Asian population)