Friday, November 22, 2013

Why It Takes Us So Long In the Mornings

Act #325:  Recognize that it probably only took her five minutes to get that perfect hair.

I wouldn't dare generalize the sexes like this meme does.  I'm simply sharing all the things that I personally accomplish each morning during the two and a half hours before leaving for work.

Have a cup of coffee. (aka the single calm moment of solitude of the day)

Write blog.

Refresh speech remarks.

Go over kid's homework and random papers in book bag to make sure we're not missing a field trip slip or photo day.

Check and respond to urgent work e-mails.

Research new medication, healthcare, etc. for mom.

Fix homemade, nutritional lunch for kid.

Fix homemade, nutritional lunch for self.

Put up dishes in the dish washer.

Iron outfit.

Fix breakfast for kid.

Brush teeth for kid.

Clean up dog vomit.

Save the world.

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