Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 Reasons I've Been Told I Shouldn't Run For Office

Act #320:  Change doesn't happen by accepting the status quo.

Ten Reasons I've Been Told I Shouldn't Run For Office

1.   You're too liberal.

2.   You don't look like the voters in Rockcastle county.

3.   People will dig up your blog and crucify you with it.

4.   You're too much of a feminist.

5.   You're too pro-LGBT rights.

6.   You're not Christian enough.

7.   The party wouldn't back such a "risky" candidate.

8.   You don't know enough people with deep pockets.

9.   You're too outspoken about your beliefs.

10. You're not "political" enough.

One Reason I Probably Will Someday
(and you should too)

1.  See above, 1-10.


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