Saturday, November 23, 2013

How To Make Friends Like These (But In Other Shades As Well) After 40

Act #327: The key is chocolate fondue, wine, and some courage to make the first move.

Last night I made dinner plans with 4 women who I either met or reconnected with in the last year.  Our paths had crossed at various community events and functions and we always hit it off during the 5 minutes we had the chance to chat, but that is where it always ended.  So last night, we met at a new restaurant downtown and talked for three hours, with not one single awkward moment of we washed down our chocolate fondue with refilled glasses of Malbec.  We proved our speculation to be true - that we might indeed enjoy each other's company.  So for three hours, we psychoanalyzed the Fitz/Olivia chemistry, shared our personal goals for the coming year, celebrated our most recent professional endeavors, discussed the intersections of race and privilege, discovered shared values about family and caregiving, mourned lost loves, and most importantly, we connected as friends in a way that I didn't think was possible at age 41. If you're like me and stopped making new friends because you think they're too busy, or you're too busy, you are probably missing out.

Note:  No internet photos of 4 African-Americans and 1 Asian drinking wine exist.  But plenty of pictures of white girls drinking wine.  Should've pulled a selfie.


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