Friday, November 29, 2013

Why Do We Call It Black Friday Anyway?

Act #333:  Go ahead, start your own Black Friday tradition.

The name "Black Friday" apparently originated in 1961 from the Philadelphia Police Department who coined the term for the Friday following Thanksgiving because of the headaches, traffic, mayhem, and sometimes even violence surrounding "the first official shopping day of the season." Later, retailers began explaining Black Friday as the point at which they began to turn a profit, or be "in the black." 

This Black Friday, rather than commemorate with a day of mayhem and profit (mostly because we're still recovering from yesterday's food coma and shopping makes me want to gouge my eyes out), we ate pumpkin pie for breakfast and watched three Christmas movies back-to-back in our jammies.  My husband and I sat on the couch holding hands under a cozy blanket with a 6-year old with pink eye wedged in between us (hope those antibiotics work).  No judgment here if you got a jumpstart on your holiday shopping this morning at 3 a.m.  After all, you were probably out there shopping for others.  Alas, we missed out and didn't score any half-price iPad Mini's or any buy-one, get-one free yoga pants.  But in more ways than one, at least the three of us feel like we came out way ahead of the game.  In fact, Black Friday was so darn "successful", we may go ahead and continue with Black Saturday and Black Sunday.

Thank you for your insane Black Friday knowledge and!

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