Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why I'm Willing To Be The Token Today

Act #288:  Prove you're more than a token.

Today parents at my son's elementary school will be voting for the "minority" parent representative for the SBDMC (Site-based Decision Making Council) to help assess, monitor, and evaluate the policies and programs of the school and to create an environment that will enhance student achievement.  While I really, really hope someone without a 2 hour commute and two other board memberships takes on the challenge, I reluctantly put my name forth for consideration.  Why do you ask?  Because the school actually requires a minority parent representative to serve on the council to ensure equity and inclusion.  And because as a parent, I want to ensure a learning environment that enhances student achievement for every child - especially the ones that might bring with them different learning styles, cultural influences, life perspectives, and modes of communication.  So here I stand yet again, stepping into the token minority role.  Not because I don't think I had a chance in the "regular" SBDMC elections, but because my community put into place an important measure to ensure equal opportunities for children like mine.  And if I don't step up, who will? 

Hopefully you will.

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