Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deconstructing George Clooney As Arm Candy

Act #303:  Beware what you read.

Amal Alumuddin's mystery man is revealed!  The international, human rights, extradition and criminal lawyer was spotted out on the town with a hunky brunette last week and E! News has learned that the lucky man in question is George Clooney.   The two were seen grabbing a bite to eat at Berners Tavern and were all smiles as they rode off in the same cab.  In a solo shot, George was seen walking out of the eatery, flashing a huge grin while dressed in a stylish black blazer, jeans and a funky belt.  Is that a smile that says, "I just had dinner with none other than Ms. Alumuddin?" Why yes, it does seem to be.  But back to the point at hand…is there something romantic brewing between these two?!  It may be too soon to tell...

Note:  The above excerpt was taken almost verbatim, from an on-line entertainment news source.  Words in red were changed to reverse gender roles and to explore a world where powerful international lawyers might be identified first by their high-profile cases (Ms. Alumuddin is representing Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks, in his extradition proceedings with Sweden), and less by the size of their earrings (the actual article feels compelled to call out her "giant" hoop earrings).  In this crazy alternate universe, the handsome actor is actually the "lucky" one for being Amal's chosen dinner companion.  So lucky in fact that the smile that he flashed was just as news and noteworthy as the ensemble he wore during their date.

Sexy George is so smitten by all that intelligence!

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  1. Very clever, I like it. It's also a bit depressing.