Friday, October 18, 2013

Sometimes Grown-Ups Really Don't Have A Clue

Act #290:  Always question the grown-ups.

When I was in fifth grade I knew Christopher Columbus as the greatest explorer who ever lived.  The courageous and adventurous man responsible for discovering America - someone whose bravery, we celebrated with a national holiday.  At least that's what my history books told me.  And as a 10 year-old fifth-grader who was I to question the grown-ups? 

This week, 10-year old Lydia Peach of Berea, Kentucky did just that.  She questioned the grown-ups.  As part of Berea Community Elementary School's Literacy Week, she wrote a 1-page essay on the story of Christopher Columbus titled, "Eager Explorer or Cruel Killer?", challenging the notion of Columbus as a hero, and exposing his cruel treatment towards native Americans during the European colonization of the American continents, that included slavery and acts of genocide.  You go Lydia.  We'll be watching for you in about 15 years.  I have a feeling, this won't be the first blog about you.


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