Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Moved In With Someone Else The Day After My Break-Up

Act #286:  Pass on the love to others.

For nine years I lived with an incredible man.  We threw parties and fundraisers that people would talk about for weeks.  Together, we survived as many heartaches as we celebrated new loves.  We spent winter months wrapped up in blankets, watching hours and hours of HGTV, and summer months planning how to put all that knowledge to good use in our backyard.   And after almost a decade together……I am leaving.  He is replacing me with someone that is more suited to his evolving tastes.  More simple, more streamlined, in his words, “more sophisticated”. 
And I couldn’t be happier.   Because in this case, his loss will become someone else’s gain.   I’m moving in with someone else.  To a new home where I will undoubtedly feel needed and appreciated beyond measure.  My simple presence will lift up broken spirits, provide refuge to weary bodies, and offer comfort to hopeless hearts. And I will find myself "at home" once again. 

The Red Couch That Is Ready to Cozy Up To Someone New
*** The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, and many small non-profits, survive and thrive, on the generosity of supporters such as the owner of this awesome "new to us" red couch.  Before you break up with something for good, take a moment to ponder how much joy it might offer someone else.  Thank you for showing the love to your local non-profit!


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