Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's My Party And I'll Do Nothing If I Want To

Act #292: Do nothing.  Guilt-free.

This weekend I will be celebrating a birthday and I've given myself a gift.  I've asked my friends and family for a "commitment-free, schedule-free" weekend.  That's right - a clear calendar and the permission to wake up and just go with the flow, do that which inspires, or do nothing at all.  So far the weekend has included snuggling up between my husband and my son while watching Saturday morning cartoons, an impromptu visit with my dear friend, Kelly and her family, writing some hand-written notes to people who have been on my mind greatly, holding baby Liam.....and who knows what else is in store for me?  I'm of course missing some scheduled events with some of my favorite people today, but the thing about true friends is that they get you, and they'll still be there.  In my line of work, my therapist colleagues always stress the importance of "self-care"- that we can't be there for others unless we are first attentive to our own needs.  You know, the whole, "place oxygen masks on yourself before your kids" notion.  In a world where we're constantly challenged to do something, it's not always easy to do nothing.  But it is so very important.   So you might not want to wait until your birthday, or designate only one day each year to carve out some time for yourself.  Try it.  I promise you, you'll be a better friend, parent, daughter, son, boss, employee, human being for it.  Cheers to 41 years of memorable somethings and even a few memorable nothings.

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