Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Like Any Other Wedding

Act #294:  Love is love.

My six year old hasn't been to many weddings in his short lifespan.  Maybe a total of four?  Two were at the local Baptist church in our small community, and one at a darling boutique hotel on a south Florida beach. If you have a kid under the age of 6, you should be no stranger to the restlessness and  shortened attention spans they come with - and hopefully you will understand the feat that it is to make it through a 2-3 hour event.  Yet still, yesterday we decided to bring our son along for his fourth wedding that took place on the stone steps of a breathtaking, cascading babbling brook.

It was a picturesque, brisk, perfectly clear fall Sunday outdoor wedding.  And just like any other wedding we've been to, I began telling my son how the couple Italy.   And as we got settled into our perfect seats overlooking the deck where the vows were to be exchanged, just like any other wedding he's been to, about halfway through the ceremony my son began asking about the flavor of the cake.  And just like any other wedding he's been to, as the couple kissed, my son whispered "eeeeeeeeee-ew".   As the late afternoon chill began to surround us, the three of us clasped hands, maybe just a little tighter - our hearts overflowing with just a little more hope, a little more emotion. 

And as we walked away, we were grateful to be invited to share in the celebration of love between two human beings.  Just like any other wedding. 

Congratulations Thom and Paulo...
October 20, 2013

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