Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Kentucky is Really All About

Act #114:  Have our back.  Please?

The Bluegrass State
My beloved home for the past 22 years is known for secret recipes, unbeatable sportsmanship, thoroughbred horses, and polarizing senators.  Smooth spirits (the kind that comes in barrels), soul-touching music, and rich, blue pastures.  But the one thing that has kept me here for more than two decades is the unbridled generosity and spirit of its people.  As part of Kentucky Gives Day, today (April 24th), the Bluegrass State has set aside 24-hours for a powerful day of action - to raise much-needed funds for 368 non-profits across the Commonwealth. 

Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center
I am so fortunate to be professionally affiliated with an organization that dares to envision a world free of all forms of violence and oppression. Our work is guided by a vision of collaboration and engagement that causes people to see that sexual violence is everyone’s issue. We hope to engage individuals and communities to share in the ownership for the many faces of sexual violence. We work collaboratively so that all might benefit from living in a world free of sexual violence and human trafficking.  Our programs include:
  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Comprehensive clinical services: crisis intervention, therapy, and psycho-educational groups
  • Legal and medical advocacy
  • Community outreach to vulnerable populations
  • Violence prevention and awareness education
  • Community engagement for systems change to reduce power-based personal violence

Join the Movement.
Sexual violence affects everyone and we just can't impact real change without all of you.  Extraordinary volunteers already run our hotline.  Crisis work and prevention education is expensive.  There are constant threats of sequestering and funds are becoming increasingly scarce.   We're hoping to raise $5000 today.  Really, that's just 50 of you giving $100 or 100 of you giving $50.  We've got your back out there.  Do you have ours?  

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