Friday, April 26, 2013

10 People I Find More Beautiful Than Gwyneth Paltrow

Act #116:  Don't let the tabloids define beauty for you.

This year People Magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow most beautiful woman of the year.  Not that I don't think that her fresh, clean, blond,opaque, all-American look is appealing, but to me, just a tad, well....expected.  Over the years, despite what my childhood Barbie dolls and my favorite childhood TV show, Charlie's Angels told me, I've come to see beauty through a much broader lens.  I wish People Magazine would go ahead and catch up.  So I offer you, my list of "beautiful" female celebrities.  Who would you add?


Queen Latifah

Camryn Manheim

Annie Llonzeh

Emily Browning

Bai Ling

Rooney Mara

Yasmin Le Bon

Irene Bedard

Naya Rivera

Rosario Dawson



  1. I'd add Meryl Streep just because she's my all time favorite actress!

    Melissa McCarty is beautiful because she is breaking boundaries in Hollywood and proving that beauty and talent can't be measured on a scale! :)

    I'd also add Irena Sendler, may she rest in peace. I've just recently learned of her story and her dedication and heart made her one of the most beautiful women we could have ever hoped to know in our lifetime.

    1. Thanks for introducing me to Irena Sendler Stefanie - what an inspiration!

  2. Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Lanisha Cole, Thandie Newton, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek etc. It is time that society embraces the beauty of women of many different races and nationalities besides White. Gwen Paltrow is a plain Jane to me and you could find many girls who look like her. Just another tool to promote White supremacy and the supposed superior beauty of a White woman.

    There is beautiful and ugly women in all races.

  3. I am late on this, but I would like to add... Tilda Swinton