Saturday, April 13, 2013

Street Harassment Through the Ages

Act #103:  Don't call me baby unless you're my mama.

The Oppressed Response, Age 12
Neighborhood bike ride, Bangkok, Thailand
Nice Gentleman:  Pretty girls like you should smile more.
Me:  ........ (I pedaled home as fast as I could.  I was terrified.)

The Angry Response, Age 18
Video store parking lot, Berea, KY
Nice Gentleman:  Hey baby, I'd like to take you home and f*ck your brains out.
Me:  Really?  I'm not interested but if you're that hard up, why don't you go home and f*ck your own mother?  We both know you still live with her.

The Passive-Aggressive Response, Age 25
Triangle Town Center, Raleigh, NC
Nice Gentleman:  You.  Are. So hot.  What's you name?
Me: Lorena Bobbit.

The Enlightened Response, Age 40 (just last month)
Kroger parking lot, Lexington, KY
Nice Gentleman:  Excuse me, I can't help but ask - what's your name?
Me:  You know, do you have a minute?  You seem like a nice man. Well, just think for a second.  Why on earth would I feel comfortable giving you - a complete stranger - any personal information about me?  Would you want your mother or sister engaging strange men in parking lots?  While I appreciate opportunities to connect with other human beings, I hope you can understand how a stranger approaching you in a parking lot can feel well, a bit unwelcome.  To some women, this could even feel threatening.  Please think about this next time you approach a woman by herself.  Have a wonderful day.

To learn more about street harassment and how you can help stop it, please visit:

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