Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Short Appeal to Uncle Sam

Act #108:  Don't reduce, invest.

Dear Uncle Sam,

Thank you for your public service and for your commitment to represent the best interests of the citizens of this country.  I do not have a law or political science degree.  Nor have I ever served in public office.  But I have spent the majority of my professional life life witnessing others suffer at the hands of poverty, abuse, violence, and injustice.  While I am grateful for your patriarchal oversight of this great land, I can't help but wonder whether or not your (our) priorities are in check.  Over the last year we've been obsessed with passing (or not passing) legislation that significantly reduces or takes away something from entire populations of Americans.  Call me naive, call me simple, but I have a proposal to shift our focus. You see my theory is ridiculously simple:  Rather than operating under the belief that by reducing something we are making it better, why not change our thinking and actually consider investing in something in order to make it better?   Here's what I mean - Rather than pouring billions of dollars to tighten up our borders and formalize ways to make it impossible for people to become Americans, why not invest in an overall work culture that is more balanced and sustainable? You know, better benefits, child care, paid time off, more professional development opportunities and vocational exploration.  Rather than limiting access to guns and bullets, why not invest in better mental health access and care?  Paying attention to those who fall below the radar, changing public perceptions about mental illness, and figuring out ways to provide help rather than isolate folks.  Rather than limiting the rights of people who want to marry, why not invest in access to education and fair housing, and other avenues that level the playing field and bring diverse Americans together to live, grow, and come to respect one another?  I told you it was ridiculously simple, but hey, someone once said that the simplest things are also the truest and I for one am fed up with the status quo. I think it's worth a shot.  

Just a Simple Gal in KY


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