Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gender Stereotyping: A Lifespan Approach

Act 107:  Be wise with your words.  They are listening.

Age 1 
Females:  She is so beautiful.  She's gonna break some hearts when she grows up.
Males: He's a stubborn one.  He's gonna be a fighter when he grows up.

Age 5
Females:  Such a little princess!  Maybe we should sign you up for dance lessons.
Males:  What a fierce throw!  Maybe we should sign you up for t-ball.

Females:  Nobody is gonna want to be your friend if you keep acting like that.
Males:  Stop whining and start acting like a man.

Age 16
Females:  How many prom dresses have you tried on already?
Males:  How many colleges have you applied to already? 
Age 21
Females:  Looking good.  Have you lost weight?
Males:  I hear you're thinking about law school next?

Age 40
Females:  She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated.  She’s tough . . . she also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general.
Males:  He's brilliant.  He's tough.
Age  60
Females:  Are you looking forward to having more time with your grandkids when you retire?
Males:  Are you looking forward to hitting the golf course when you retire?

Age 80
Females:   She's still so beautiful.  I bet she broke some hearts in her lifetime.
Males:  He's a stubborn one.  I bet he was a fighter when he was younger.


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