Thursday, April 4, 2013

Six Save-The-World Jobs We Don't Value Enough

Act #94:  Tell them thanks.

Yesterday's blog post got me thinking about all the remarkable individuals out there dedicating their lives to make ours better.  First and foremost, a special recognition to public school teachers (median salary:  $41,511), who work on and off the clock with limited resources, instilling future generations with the knowledge and tools to meaningfully impact the world.  Special recognition also goes to police officers (median salary:  $47,287) who are risking their lives every day to help make ours safer.  While my intention is not to minimize the valuable contributions of these two professions, in some ways, their value is already being acknowledged (at some level) through a few added benefits and recognition.  Teachers typically average 5-6 weeks of paid vacation while police officers typically receive generous pension plans.  Today I'd like to highlight other admirable professionals who tirelessly dedicate their lives to raise our kids, defend our safety and honor, speak out for us, and offer us compassionate care.  And, who in my opinion are grossly underpaid, considering the critical importance of their work.  Most of these jobs (except for the army private) offer little to no benefits and minimal paid time off. 

Imagine a single day of your life without these individuals.   No, seriously, do it.  Now go out there and tell them thanks.  Can you help add to this list?

Daycare Teachers
Median Salary: $28,248
Raising our kids while we aren't able to.  Nurturing the most formative years of their lives, witnessing their first steps and first words, and dutifully reporting them back to us.

Victim Advocates
Median Salary:  $30,919
Hanging out at hospitals at 3 a.m. (most ER calls last 3 hours), and going to court the next day to accompany victims of rape, domestic violence, and other crimes.

Army Privates
Median Salary:  $17,987
Leaving their own families to defend ours, while greatly increasing their risk for PTSD.  

Nursing Assistants
Median Salary:  $22,630
Standing on their feet for 8 hour-shifts, providing the most intimate, personal care for the vulnerable and sick who are unable to take care of themselves.

Stay-At-Home Parents
Median Salary: 0
Putting their degrees and career aspirations in a drawer in order to invest in the most valuable assets of our collective future.

Emergency Medical Technicians
Median Salary:  $25,952
Going to a physically strenuous and stressful work environment everyday, that usually involves life-or-death situations and witnessing human suffering.


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