Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Share Your Thoughts On Race In Six Words

Act #184:  Break it down.

National Public Radio (NPR) recently partnered with The Race Card Project to explore a different kind of conversation about race. They asked people to think about their experiences, observations, triumphs, laments, theories or anthem about race or cultural identity......and then distill those thoughts and into one six-word sentence.  Here are some of the powerful submissions.

Black babies cost less to adopt.

Mexican white girl doesn't speak Spanish.

55 mph means you, black man.

I'm actively black.   You're passively white.

He's my dad, not my gardener.

I am a Wallace but different. (Submitted by Alabama Governor George Wallace's daughter)

Care to share YOUR six-word race card?  If so, please do so directly on this blog (rather than on Facebook), so that it is viewed by more people.  Now, we're talking.  That's the first step.

Here's mine on a good day:  In this house, we speak love.   But sometimes when I read too much of the daily news:  We can't save us from ourselves.

You can find hundreds of submissions and submit your own stories at



  1. Cannot understand the barriers of race.

  2. bandaid colored skin; rainbow bleeding heart

  3. Arbitrary construct perpetuated by fearful hearts.

  4. I blend, I stick out. #mixiproblems

  5. Euro-trash meets red-neck... #whoami

  6. White does not suffice, nor rainbow.

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