Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Case You Need A Dose Of Pure Goodness Today

Act #198:  Look for the good.  Maybe someday, it will drown out the bad.

Location:  Paris, Kentucky
Date:        1 Day after George Zimmerman verdict

A 42-year old white man was driving on the interstate with his two young sons.  He spotted a young man walking with a gas can away from his car and immediately pulled over to ask if he needed help.  The young man said he had run out of gas and the older man offered him a ride to the nearest gas station. The strangers spent the next few moments getting to know each other.  Turns out the young man was a student at a university on the other side of the state, was from a neighboring rural county, and was home visiting his father.  The two young boys listened intently.  After they filled up the gas tank, the older man drove the younger man back to his car.  After graciously thanking him, the young man stepped out of the car and said, "I think the fact that you picked up a black stranger on the side of the road, taught your boys some incredible values."

Hope.  It's still there.  Don't lose it.





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