Monday, July 22, 2013

Art for Social Change: Grace uses photography to end victim blaming. (Trigger warning)

Act 202:  Save the blame for the perp.

What happens when 5 women under the age of 21 combine their artistic talents with their passion for eradicating sexual violence?  Project Unbreakable.  It all started two years ago when a 19 year old photography student in NYC by the name of Grace Brown began raising awareness about the issues surrounding sexual violence by using her art to help heal survivors.  Grace began photographing women at various points in their journey  holding posters with a quote from their attacker.  The project now features over 2000 photos and Grace travels the world raising awareness through her art.


To learn more about Project Unbreakable:

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  1. Wow! What an amazing website! I've been catching up on my Mae readings and I've gotten sucked into the website. It's so sad how many people are abused as children and don't know that they've been wronged for years. I'd love for that to be part of sex education since some parents don't teach their kids about it - or are the ones to abuse them.