Sunday, July 7, 2013

Art For Social Change: Callie is Sticking it To Violence

Act #188:  Use what you've got.

Half way into the 365 Plain Jane Activism project, it finally occurred to me that there are ordinary, every day highly talented people who are trying to change the world through artistic expression.  I decided to call attention to the work of these unsung heroes who use art to transform the world. I will be highlighting a lesser known artist, writer, musician, etc. each Sunday.  I stumbled across this week's artist from her FabulouslyFeminist Etsy page: 

Someday I hope to order up hundreds of her stickers to pass out at awareness events and rallies!
Meet Callie Garp.  She explores gendered issues around identity, privilege and containment.  She is interested in visual symbols that become objects in society with complex implications. In her words, "A ribbon may adorn, and bind. A mask may enable, and withhold. The female body may function as a striking, erotic expression, and a physical and psychological container. When do these symbols aid our sense of identity and when do they tie us to a false dichotomy?"  

I want to change the world. I want to change how we talk about rape & sexual assault.
I want to empower young girls.
I want to engage with a gender-inclusive world.
I want to be part of the solution – and I’ll bet you do too.
~ Callie Garp

Check out more of Callie's art and ponderings on her FabulouslyFeminist Art for Social Justice blog:  

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