Saturday, September 28, 2013

Three Little Brown Boys (and One White One)

Act #271:  Be more childlike.

Yesterday I chaperoned my son's school field trip to an apple orchard, and therefore had the rare opportunity to observe 6 and 7 year old boys hunting for the world's largest apple, giggling because straw was "poking at their bottoms" on the tractor hayride, and pretending to be ghost pirates on a massive wooden pirate ship between the pumpkin patch and the apple orchards.  I tried to stand back and not interfere and couldn't help but notice that during the 3-hour outing, my son was surrounded primarily by 3 other boys.  Their make-up looked like this:

Boy #1:  Half-Thai, half-Caucasian (my son)
Boy #2:  Hispanic
Boy #3:  Half-African-American, half-Caucasian
Boy #4:  White (not just any white kid, this white kid, actually:

And as I sat on my hay bale in the shade (that did indeed poke at my bottom), on this picturesque fall day, I was uplifted and encouraged by this most beautiful sight of the four little boys before me.  Four little boys, care-free, color-blind, and who unbeknownst to them, are truly the very hope for our future.



  1. Isn't this awesome. See, these are the reasons that I'll never ever lose hope. Love your posts as always my fellow Berean :)