Friday, September 27, 2013

Is "Putting a Ring on It" Just a Tad Overrated?

Act #270:  Consider that which is truly valuable.

This week, while I was traveling for work, I found out on Facebook that a dear colleague got engaged.  When I returned to the office, we were both beaming with excitement for her.  I wanted to hear every detail of the proposal, which happened at the top of a peak overlooking the Red River Gorge.  I wanted to know if she felt any different at all, now that she was soon to be someone's wife. I wanted to hear what they ordered at Miguel's Pizza after he transformed within minutes, from boyfriend to future husband (pineapple bacon avocado pizza washed down with Kentucky's own, Ale-8 One).  It didn't occur to me until she casually stuck her hand out, almost as an afterthought, that the one thing that didn't even cross my mind for a second, was what her ring looked like (it was beautiful by the way). 

It then also occurred to me that when I typically experience engagement announcements, the very first thing that takes place is the woman sticking out her hand to show me her ring, and me doing the obligatory ooh-ing and ah-ing over it, even though (confession time), I really can't tell the difference between a princess cut and an ascher cut.  But this time that didn't happen. I completely forgot about the ring, because my friend didn't even show it to me until she was walking away...after she told me every beautiful detail of the proposal.  And that was awesome and epic - for us both to be focused on how crazy these lovebirds were about each other (it's sickeningly sweet)....their future journey together as a couple (mission and service will be their guiding force)......things that clearly in both of our minds, were far more brilliant and breathtaking than the size and cut of any rock.


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