Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do More Than Wear Pink

January 5

Act #5:  Do something MORE to contribute to the fight against cancer. 

My father in-law died of colorectal cancer three years ago.  My mother is a breast cancer survivor.  A sweet college friend (whom I participate in an 80's dance-off with every Homecoming) just shaved her entire head because she was beginning to lose her hair in her fight against a cancerous tumor in her chest.  We all know someone.  We all fear it.  We all care.  I have so many pink products and I've run so many Susan G. Komen 5-K's it's not even funny.  If you're like me and feel helpless and want to do MORE, here's how we can:


1.  The American Cancer Society is launching a historic cancer prevention research study in 2013.  Sign up to participate:

2.  Research takes money.  Give:

3.  Encourage your loved ones (yes, that includes yourself) to get their timely screenings:  mammograms (40), colonoscopy (50), cervical screening (21) and more:

4.  NOW, put your pink ribbon on (or teal, or purple, etc.) and when people ask you why you're wearing it, tell them how THEY can help.

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  1. Women in Kentucky over 50 or women over 25 with a familial history of ovarian cancer are eligible to participate in a study that offers free ovarian cancer screening (trans-vaginal ultrasound).