Friday, January 11, 2013

Challenge Stereotypes

Act #11:  Assume Nothing

I'm brilliant in math.  I take my camera with me everywhere.  I love rice and my culinary preferences sometimes include your common household pets.  I am submissive to my husband and generally like to please and serve all men, unless of course they're Asian - I'm just not attracted to them.  I came on a boat.  From somewhere in China.  Or maybe Japan.  I'm a trained violinist.  And contortionist.  I'm painfully shy, but I can still kick some butt with my black belt.  My driving skills are a bit lackluster.  But I make up for them by being sexually deviant and kinky in bed.  I worship idols...and Hello Kitty.  Who am I? 

I'm the quintessential female Asian stereotype.

Truthfully, only one of these things is true about me.  Can you guess which one?   Better yet, why don't you GET TO KNOW ME, so you don't have to guess.  So you don't have to rely on what has been spoon-fed to you by Jackie Chan movies, by that guy you used to work with, by your great uncle, by the entertainment industry, the media, your friends and family. Why would anyone settle for gross generalizations of an entire group, when a complex and intricate world of surprising, individual beauty awaits?   In case you're wondering, I'm from Chicago.  No, really, I am.

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