Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Model Love

January 8

Act #8:  Lead by Example

This week one of my role models, Lexington-Herald Leader columnist, Merlene Davis  wrote a humbling and generous piece on people in the central KY area who were practicing 26 random acts of kindness to strangers to honor the 26 victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.  While flattered and humbled by her inclusion of me in the piece, I also felt incredibly unworthy.  You see, it's not that difficult for me to practice kindness, when I come from a place of such privilege:  warm home, supportive family, wonderful education (thank you, Berea College), stable and rewarding work.  I also felt so unworthy because I am surrounded daily by others who practice such acts and go unmentioned and unnoticed. These people are my heroes and are the ones truly worthy of recognition, although they would never seek it out.  There's no earthly way I can highlight every single kind person I've come into contact this year, and I'm certain I will leave someone out, but here goes.  Thank YOU, the individual you - for inspiring us by your example of selflessness and goodness and generosity.

Steve Karcher - called a car rental company to commend the excellent customer service he received, naming the specific employee.

Kelly Smith - randomly gave a gift card to a pregnant woman with toddler who was shopping at a grocery store.

Ronnie Nolan - donated a bench to provide education to future Berea College students, and dedicated it to his mother.

Diana Taylor - visited and spent time with an elderly woman in Lexington who lives alone.

Kif Skidmore - designed a nursery for a friend with a new baby.

Matty Suramek - made spring rolls to thank her grandson's kindergarten teacher for her service.

Gayle Partain - wrote a detailed employee appreciation letter to the manager of her favorite grocery store.

Laura Arnsdorf - created a resource library and reflection area for employees of the BG rape crisis center.

Jo An Gaines - sent money from Hawaii to help out a struggling single mom in Kentucky that she read about on Facebook.

Bill Laramee - provided a listening ear, support, and counsel for a former employee during a critical and transitional time in her life.

Charliese and Robert Lewis - hosted a Christmas party, inviting guests to bring a gift card to help support a struggling family.

Adam Mullikin - bought $100 worth of gas cards to help his favorite server visit home for the holidays.

Dean Higgins and Beth Mainwaring - bought a cow in my son's honor. Well, they made a gift in his name to Heifer International...

Caitlin Bentley - bought gourmet, beautiful coffee for the office coffee pot. Apparently she's been keeping our low-budget non-profit stocked for some time now!

Marisa and Chad Aull - served thanksgiving dinner in a shelter, hosted a birthday party for underprivileged kids, and reached out to countless others over the holidays.

And this, my friends, is just a small list of incidents I can actually remember over the holidays. There are countless others. Apparently I keep really, really good company.

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