Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Wait for An Ice Storm?

Act #342: Cuddle on the couch even when you're not snowed in.

Yesterday my hometown awoke to an ice storm, and these are the first six status updates that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed (friends, hope you don't mind me borrowing these - I've kept them anonymous!)

Our weekend plans were definitely derailed by the weather- but we are still in jammies, drinking cocoa with huge marshmallows and eating cream cheese cookies while watching Ella Enchanted.

I so needed a day like this! I'm sad for no church and pageant practice for the kids...but piling on the couch drinking tea and having chocolate chip pancakes is just what this girl needed!

Mountain froze so we got stuck at a friend's house . Thankfully she had all the ingredients so I made biscuits. We have plenty of books and big tales so we are all set.

We're not complaining about being stuck inside with Christmas movies and hot chocolate!

Clean house, clothes in the wash, dogs a'cuddlin', frozen outside elements, a heated blanket, and a great movie.

The world is cancelled and we get to cuddle on the couch!

I was just thinking, what if we didn't have to rely on inclement weather to make these moments happen?  This holiday season, won't you join me and cancel all of your plans one day, just to do this.....

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