Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm Tired. You Should Be Too.

Act #353: Give a tired person a hug.  And maybe a little hope.

Today, I'm tired.  When I closed my eyes last night I wanted to wake up to a different world.  But here I am at 5 a.m. on the Thursday before Christmas, the season of love and giving, and everything is still the same.   These are the things that, on a daily basis, drain my very soul.  Most days I'm ready to challenge these notions.  But today, I'm just tired.

I'm tired that's it's up for debate whether or not someone deserves to starve.  If we have enough and others don't, why wouldn't we want to share?  Shouldn't it be that simple? #foodstamps

I'm tired of all the smart, hopeful human beings seeking social change, who somehow come to believe that mud-slinging and attacking other hopeful human beings also seeking social change is the only way to win the game.  I'm tired that efforts to make the world better have essentially become a "game" in the first place.  Wouldn't we make more of an impact working together?  #politicians

I'm tired of watching my wonderful, dear friends living in the sidelines, loving only in their homes, and always walking around vulnerable to socially-endorsed mistreatment....all in the name of God.  #LGBT

I'm tired that I spend every day trying to make a single, one-syllabus word more comfortable for others, so that we can finally begin to collectively address our own deeply ingrained culture of violence.  #rape

I'm tired that when I kiss my son every morning and send him off to school, I pray with every fiber of my being, that he comes home to me safely.  #newtown  #bullying  #childsexabuse

I'm tired that I still get the "she must not be from here" look after living in this town for almost 15 years.  #Appal-Asian

I'm tired that sometimes we selectively choose to forgive grave mistakes because of one's life circumstances....but most of the time we don't.  #affluenza #cycleofpoverty #racism #drunkdriving

I'm tired of the pink aisles and the action aisles, the princess and superheroes, the peace signs and skulls.  Stop compartmentalizing and defining us.  Stop pitting us against each other.   #sexism #cultureofviolence #feminism

I'm tired that we spend our time pointing out contradictions, justifying separation, arguing for what is "right", when we all want the same thing.  When our different Gods all want the same thing.  #interfaith

I'm tired that as I snuggled up in my  cozy warm bed last night, someone else was sleeping in a cardboard box under a bridge.  And that I could still fall asleep knowing this to be true.  #homelessness

I'm tired.  Aren't you?

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