Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seeking Fertile, Heterosexual, Married, and Homophobic Applicants

Act #155:  Question the morality police.  Especially if they are responsible for educating your children.

Since 2010 the following teachers and school administrators were terminated from Catholic schools all over the country for violating their contracts.  

Unmarried and pregnant
Christa Dias, a computer teacher, was terminated for becoming pregnant through artificial insemination.  The Catholic church did not cite Dias's sexual orientation as a factor in the termination although she is in a same-sex relationship.  This week she was awarded more than $170,000 after winning her anti-discrimination lawsuit against an Ohio archdiocese.
Gay and about to get married
Al Fischer, a popular music teacher at St. Ann Catholic School in north St. Louis County was terminated after church officials learned that he planned to marry his male partner of 20 years in New York.

Gay and mother just died
Carla Hale was terminated from her position as physical education teacher at a Catholic school in Columbus, Ohio, after her mother’s obituary revealed that she was in a same-sex relationship.  She taught at the school for 19 years.

Infertile and trying to get pregnant
Emily Herx, a language and arts teacher in Indiana was terminated for using in vitro fertilization to try to get pregnant.  She had stellar evaluations throughout her 8 year tenure.

Straight but support gay marriage
Mike Moroski, a Catholic school assistant principal in Cincinnati, OH was terminated over comments he made on his blog in support of gay marriage.  
The church requires employees to "comply with the philosophies and teachings of the Catholic church", and  considers artificial insemination, active homosexuality (you can be gay and chaste though apparently), and public declaration of views inconsistent with the church, as immoral and a violation of church doctrine.  This of course guarantees that there are no teachers in any Catholic school in America who are adulterers, child abusers, spouse batterers, tax evaders, heterosexual domestic partners, one-night-standers .....or who are on the pill.  I'm sure that all Catholic school teachers are also exceptionally qualified and have the absolute best interest of each and every student in mind.  These teachers certainly did.  They just made unforgivable mistakes - like loving their partners, wanting to bring a child into the world, and standing up for the rights of others.   Thank God the church has the courage to refuse to employ educators with such despicable moral standards.  Jesus would be so proud.

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