Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why I Started to Dress Like Ellen

Act #131:  Judge us for more than our sex appeal.  Especially when we are at work, people. 

A year ago when I worked at a college and attended the annual commencement services, I wore a dress, pearls, and high heels.  Last weekend, I attended the college graduation of a young friend and I wore jeans, a tie, a blazer, and tennis shoes.   I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, Gee, I look like an Asian Ellen DeGeneres!  Don't get me wrong, I am certainly one who can appreciate expressive fashion and style.  I also appreciate the beauty in femininity and in celebrating female curves.  What I don't appreciate is when that fashion and style purposefully and systematically objectifies and sexualizes females for no apparent reason at all, other than to provide gratification for someone else (aka "males".)  Case in point:
The Cheerleader
With abs like these, how can you not win?  Go team.

The Bar Server
Even if our ribs suck, we hope our flannel half-shirts keep you coming back for more!

The Professional Dancer
I'm sure the belly cut-outs and 5-inch heels are probably to ensure maximum movement.
The Scholarship Pageant Contestant
 Why of course this swimsuit proves that I'm worthy for a college scholarship.
The Pro Beach Volleyball Athlete
I'd like to see males play in their underwear.

The Witty Talk-show Host
What's that, you can actually find my wit and sense of humor appealing, without wanting to picture me naked?

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