Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Name That Super Hero!

Act #135:  Tell your boys about the real life superheroes.

Inspired by this photographer's efforts ( to expose her daughter to alternatives to princesses by teaching her about real-life women heroines, I wanted to do the same for my son.  I looked in his toy bin and found a dozen or so "super heroes" who all battle evil by using violence.  I wanted to offer him alternatives to these superheroes by teaching him about great, strong, men who have impacted the world through kindness and other non-violent acts of heroism.  Can you name these superheroes?  Can you add to this list?

Super Power:  Compassion!
Viewed the uprising of his people as an expression of widespread discontent, he denounced oppression and established a government in exile.  Traveled the world advocating for fairness, promoting interfaith dialogue, and helping others to see that compassion is the source of happiness.

Super Power: Civil Disobedience!
One of the greatest orators of American history, he organized a nonviolent resistance movement that would change the course of his country.  He tirelessly fought for equality and justice.

Super Power: Economic Theory!
Fighting to eradicate poverty through economic and social development, he developed the concepts of microcredit and microfinance, loans given to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. 

Super Power:  Medicine!
Founder of  a hospital for needy children where no suffering child would be turned away.  Since it's inception, the hospital has treated thousands of children for cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Super Power:  Love!
Opponent of apartheid and defender of worldwide human rights, he has campaigned to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, poverty, racism, sexism, and homophobia.  

Super Power:  Farm Labor!
Through his aggressive but nonviolent tactics and community-based grass roots organizing, he made the struggle of manual laborers a moral cause with nationwide support for workers.

1.  Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama and Nobel Peace Prize recipient)
2.  Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil Rights Leader)
3.  Mohammad Yunnus (Banker, economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient)
4.  Danny Thomas (Founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)
5.  Desmond Tutu (Social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop)
6. Cesar Chavez (Farm worker and labor organizer)

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