Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just Wondering

Act #87:  Walk a mile.

If someone said they loved you, but saw your beautiful marriage as ugly and forsaken, would you believe them?

If someone called you a friend, but thought your family was an abomination, would you open your heart to them?

If someone considered you a brother, but always made you feel like you needed forgiveness, would you feel their kinship?

If someone believed that you deserved more, when you were already quite fulfilled,

Wished that you would see the light,
Hoped there was time to change you,
Knew without a doubt that they were always right,
And you were very, very wrong.

Saw the decline of morality every time they looked into your eyes.

If someone could never, ever accept you,
Exactly for who you are,

Would you hope that they might understand,
Just how hard it could be,
For you to ever truly accept them?


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