Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Message to My Christian Friends, Non-Christian Friends, Supporters of Fairness, Opposers of Same-Sex Marriage, Those Who are All, Those Who are None, and All Who Fall Somewhere In Between

Act #86:  Consider what is "right".

The Noble Eightfold Path  is one of the principal teachings of Buddha, described as the way leading to the cessation of suffering and the achievementof self-awakening.  It is used to eradicate greed, hatred, and delusion. All eight elements of the Path begin with the word "right", which translates to the word samyañc (in Sanskrit) or sammā (in Pāli). These denote completion, togetherness, and coherence.

Right Viewpoint
Realize the Four Noble Truths:  There is suffering.  The cause of suffering is desire and ignorance. There is a state of mind free from suffering.  There is an end to suffering – the Eightfold Path.

Right Intention
Commit to mental and ethical growth to resist desire and anger, and to act with compassion.

Right Speech  
Speak in a non hurtful, not exaggerated, truthful way.

Right Actions
Abstain from actions that would do harm to others.

Right Livelihood
Earn your living peacefully and in a way that does not harm others; directly or indirectly.  

Right Effort 
Direct mental energy away from desire, envy, aggression, and violence and towards self-discipline, honesty, benevolence, and kindness.

Right Mindfulness  
See things for what they are with clear consciousness.

Right Concentration 
Concentrate on wholesome thoughts and actions.


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