Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Really Throw Down Like an Asian

Act #41:  Throw a party.

Last week, the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Duke University threw an Asian-themed party where attendees wore Asian-style clothing and mimicked stereotypical Asian accents.  The invitation to the event, Asia Prime (later changed to International Relations after student complaints), featured North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il and stated. "We look forward to having Mi, Yu, You and Yo Friends over for some Sake. Chank You." 

After that debacle, I figured some people might need some party-planning advice, maybe a little help for folks interested in throwing their own Asian-themed party?  So I humbly offer:

7  Tips for Planning an Asian-Themed Party

1.  Preparation:  Send your e-mail invites through your Hotmail account (co-founded by Sabeer Bhatia).  Yes, he's Indian and  no, we're not all Chinese or Japanese.

2.  Song list:  Black-Eyed Peas, Ne-Yo, Norah Jones, Bruno Mars, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Pussycat Dolls, Linkin Park.  Why yes these artists do all descend from the great continent.  And you thought you'd only be able to play Gangnam Style.

3.  Appetizer Menu: Spring rolls, samosas, lumpia, rotti, shu mai, sashimi, pot stickers. cashews with cauliflower. That's just the first course.

4.  Drink list:  Well, have your pick of alcoholic beverages (first wine jars from Jiahu, China date back to 7000 BC).  And maybe some Pepsi (Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo) for the designated drivers?

5.  Attire:  Sorry, we don't do costumes, we prefer high fashion and couture:  Anna Sui, Vera Wang, Doo-Ri Chung, to name a few.  Who, might you ask, wears Chung?  Why Michelle does of course.  Michelle Obama, that is.

6.  Re-cap:  Don't forget to post your most memorable moments and highlights on YouTube (co-founded by Steven Chen and Jawed Karim).  You can also do a Yahoo (co-founder, Jerry Yang) search if you find yourself wanting to know more.

7.  Most importantly, don't miss your curfew.  Your mama will kick your butt...or guilt you to death.  Trust me, if you're Asian, you'll prefer the former.

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